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 As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates and a special thx for paying for my content  also you will get to vote on polls I have here.

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Once a month I will do something exclusively for my patrons and you guys will get to vote on what it is  as well as getting a social media follow as well.

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  • You get to vote on a video idea once a month as well as suggestion them in comments.
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You get the cred. Seriously, your name will get in the credits as a huge thank you being on my team, plus all previous rewards.

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About Okamiviking

Who's that guy who makes videos that make you laugh/ wonder what the fuck he is doing /inform you on some weeb shit that's right it's Okamiviking. I make all different kinds of videos mostly about anime n making you laugh or to inform you! Basically I'm trying to find some funding for the videos I do to make them better. I want to thank the Patrons that have already decided to become one and the future ones that will I hope you guys both enjoy my videos and play nice with one another.
When I get at least 3 patrons I will start having polls on what content I should do next and you'll feel free to vote as well.

If you'd like to join my discord here it is: https://discord.gg/T4yXsRc
$19 of $100 per month
With this goal completed it could give me a decent side income and I'll be able to make more for you guys. I have an idea of having game nights with you guys
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