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Give me a (reasonable) quirk you'd like to see a role-playing character have, and as long as you're a supporter at this level I'll incorporate it into a character for a play-by-post campaign, and then send you a link to the campaign so you can follow along!




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About Oladon

I'm the creator of the Paizo Campaign Tools browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, and I've got quite a few other projects up my sleeve... I just need the time to work on them!

From tons of new features that I'd like to add to the extension, to a fully-featured Pathfinder cRPG engine, to multiple games built on top of that engine, to a website that will help everyone in the Play-by-post community find games that match their PbP style... I'm brimming with ideas. What would you like to see me produce?
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I'd like to add the ability to resize the chat window in the Paizo Campaign Tools browser extension, and possibly add a few other chat-related features!
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