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is creating 3D models, Garry's Mod Content, UE4 games, Computer programs
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Currently I don't have a money consuming project going on, if you like my work and would like to encourage me in a generous way feel free to use this tier.
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About Old Bill

Hello everyone, this is Old Bill, a person who is interested in creating computer stuff. I do various of things and still haven't found what I really specialize in, like sometimes I go mostly with programming, other times you see me 3D modelling, and then out of the sudden you see me using photoshop. So I wouldn't call myself something specific just yet. However I mostly 3D model these days, I'm not exactly sure what my goal or dream is, but for all I know it is making something in computer that people can see and use. The reason for making this Patron page currently is just for encouraging purposes, at the moment I'm not working on something that consumes a lot of money, and I don't really need that much of a help right now, but if you feel generous, like my work, and would like to encourage me to go even further beyond then any amount is appreciated!

a free lennying program for all your chat emotion needs, a large emoticons library that consists of 900 emoticons with amazing features like click-to-clipboard, emoticon making, and favorites.
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Tower Runner:
an endless runner game that I'm working on, it is in early stages.

I have other projects but these are the outstanding ones for now!

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