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is creating support for the 'old time radio' YouTube channel
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With a pledge of $10.00 or more, I will add annotations to every live stream listing and thanking my supporters for their help, unless they prefer to remain anonymous.
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For this pledge amount, you will receive a full set of the shows of your choice in mp3 format on your choice of dvds or flashdrive.  Original format will be shipped immediately, fully reconstructed will be shipped as soon as the series is completed.  If you chose a show that does not fill a full disk or flashdrive, you can request others to be added, or I can add more from the same catagory.   You will receive at least one full set of shows, and more than likely much more
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At this level, I will sent you my complete 70,000+ show collection on an external usb 1TB hard disk.  These shows are for the most part sorted by name and air date.   The titles, filenames, and formats are as originally found or original as I converted them to digital format.



About Steve 'OTR'

I run and populate the content on youtube channel old time radio

Update: I have been down and out for a couple weeks, so I have been working on the channel full time. There are at least 5 videos releasing daily scheduled till mid may of 2017. These include Johnny Dollar, The Inner Sanctum, The Shadow, and a couple more. I will keep going at this rate as long as I can. In the past 3 days I have uploaded approximately 1100 videos as well as live streaming every evening. I'll keep going with the uploads and releasing one of each series a day until they are completed.  

I have put a poll up on the live streams asking for input if you wanted these scheduled releases or if you would like me to release 600+ shows all at once.

Please take the time to check out and vote in the poll

These shows are my work of 30 years of collecting, converting, and sorting.  Many of them are recovered from tape, record, and other media.

Currently, converting and uploading these videos takes time and effort.  This takes several hours per 30 minute show to edit, copyright check, and upload.  With over 70,000 shows in 3000+ different titles, this is a massive undertaking (This is 4+ years of 24/7 audio). 

I currently live stream at least 2 12 hour shows a week, this takes a lot of effort to arrange, check content for copyright infringement, and advertise.   I would like to be able to at least double this, but it take 3-4 hours to prepare each stream

With continued support, I would really love to pull all the ads from these videos,  meaning the ads that run in the beginning, middle, and end of a show, interrupting the show or live stream.

There is nothing better than to see a comment from you saying thank you or 'I listened to these as a youngster'. This puts a smile on my face every time I see one, and I'm sure it does to you when you find a show that you remember.  

If your listening to a live stream, say hello in the chat section,  there is a very good 
chance that I am right there, and would love to hear your input

Thank you deeply for your time to read this, and for your support

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At this level of support, I can give full time effort into bringing these dreams and efforts to full light in near real time, as well as removing ALL advertising from any content
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