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About Tony Jennings

Hi there!

My name is Tony Jennings and I'm here because I believe that there is something seriously wrong with the world today and that things will only get worse until more people start seeing the root problems that we face and start taking direct action to turn things around.

Since I was a teenager back in the 1980's...
  • our freedoms have been reduced,
  • our health has gone downhill,
  • good paying jobs with reasonable benefits have decreased,
  • homelessness has increased,
  • the buying power of our money has been steadily eroded,
  • the rate of suicide has increased,
  • and fear has become more prevalent

While our problems are plentiful, the solutions are out there and within our reach if we are willing to see them and take action.

I'll be posting videos, books, and other source material that I find to be useful along with short summaries so that those of you short on time can decide whether or not particular sources sound like something you might want to make time to look into.

If you like what you see, please be sure to support me here on Patreon and/or follow me on Steemit. By doing so you enable me to spend more time searching for root causes to the issues we face and solutions that we can implement ourselves.
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