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You gain access to the mini-podcast Campaign De-Construction with GM Lance. This podcast is a patron exclusive, monthly podcast where Lance will talk about each Old World Podcast Actual Play episode and his thoughts, plans and lessons surrounding that episode. Don’t worry – their won’t be any spoilers for future episodes! 

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Become immortalized in our games by being added to our naming list. We will add your name (or the name you supply) to a random list we will use to generate the names of NPCs, inns, ships, etc in our actual play episodes. We may even “Warhammerize” them to fit the story. (Note: name appropriateness is determined at the sole discretion of the GM.)

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About Old World Podcast

The Old World Podcast is the unofficial podcast for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the original podcast to bring you both discussion and actual play in WFRP 4th edition. Learn more about us below!


Our purpose with this podcast is to help listeners become more familiar with WFRP 4th edition and to help them become better players and GMs in this system.


The Old World Podcast is made up of two different types of episodes: discussions and actual plays. With this format, we get to talk about and play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition.

This is where our three hosts (and occasional guest-hosts) will discuss various topics related to playing and GMing in the WFRP 4th edition system. These topics are varied and will include everything from basic breakdowns of the core mechanics to specific advice and tips on how to GM specific situations as well as detailed career analysis. We also take listener questions and do our best to answer them. So, if you do have some questions, don’t hesitate to let us know! 

Actual Play
In these actual play episodes, we record actual WFRP gameplay sessions. We do things both right and wrong as we put our own learning and advice into practice. The actual play episodes have an ongoing campaign narrative. Additionally, we will be recording various one shots and mini adventures that will be both related and unrelated to the main campaign narrative.

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Once we reach this goal, we'll set up a shop with some Old World Podcast merchandise like mugs and apparel!
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