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About Oliver Victoria

15 years ago I realized something important: the only thing I wanted to do was images. Now my existence is all about light. I guess I´m passionately involved with images, I analyze them very carefully, I create them, and I really just, love them. I would like to keep sharing beautiful images, windows that are representations, mirrors of our reality. 

I have made loads of videos in my life, but "significant", 3 feature documentaries so far, three of them premiered in the Mexican Cinematheque, they have had amazing critics. Now I´m making my 4th film, a Mexican esoteric story about a 10 years old boy in his first hallucinogen experience, in his way of becoming a chaman. This is one of my next goals, to finish this film.

Besides this big goal, many projects come to my life, but sometimes is just too much to control and at the same time be worried about surviving.  perfect life would be as a paid artist, something already utopian. But here we are, thinking about you! my Patrons.

So if you join me in this trip, many videos about film and photography (In spanish versions, which don´t exist), fine art photography exhibitions, and movies (yes, movies) will exist, I will personally make them!

Thanks a lot !
And hopefully, see you soon.
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When I reach 200 per month, I can create video podcast about the art of filmming and begin a channel in my own web page and youtube.
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