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i am a writer, symbolist, philosopher, folk healer, spiritual activist, multi-disciplinary artist and mystic. in addition to fictions and theory, i study and write about tarot, astrology, and what jodorowsky deftly terms "psychomagic." my work is liminal, spanning a multitude of perspectives. i am the founder and dean of the school for all ages, an academy of mysticism focusing on tarot as a living tradition.


while i am not affiliated with any specific church, i do consider myself clergy, and over the years i have provided resources and services for many, often without requesting payment. i have been recognized as a non-denominational chaplain by several churches and houses of worship with whom i have worked.

i am dedicated to conducting my writing, angel channeling and esoteric work full-time, and i am often in service to my community and the larger world some 70+ hours per week - everything from domestic violence counseling to organizing flood relief to suicide prevention, as well as the more timeless matters of conferring with spirits, studying the plants and stars, and teaching my apprentices and students to carry forward that which sustains us.


money collected through patreon allows me to devote full attention to my work in all its facets, and helps me to manage occasionally debilitating chronic illness. having the assurance of basic solvency also enables me to continue my own education in such areas as conflict mediation, complex astrology, anti-racist training, bioregional herbalism and theosophical research.


i would never be able to do this without the generous support of the larger world of miracles in which we live. it is my highest goal to assist myself and others in seeking the immaculate beauty of our world, holding that beauty as a flame in our hearts, and dedicating ourselves to the liberation of all beings.
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