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As the title suggests, you are a lovely person!  

You will receive: your name immortalized on my website as a supporter, as well as my eternal gratitude for supporting the work that I do.  I recognize that this isn't much, but I want to be clear that donating to me on here is a purely voluntary thing for those that want to provide some financial support to me for my writing.  There will be no content gated behind higher tiers, no "patron-exclusive feed"; nothing.  Just you making the decision to toss some money my way, and me expressing my appreciation.




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About Olivia Falk

Did you end up here randomly?  Well, here's a link to my blog so you can get a sense of what I do: IMHO (In My Honest Opinion)!
Otherwise, read on for more info as to what this Patreon is all about!

As you may know, I got started on the wacky and wild train that is games media thanks to a long-lost YouTube channel of mine.  I did weekly "Let's Play" type content, but quickly grew to realise that while I loved talking about games, I sucked at actually talking about them.  To counter this, I switched to writing, and discovered a whole new world of possibilities.  I started out by building a personal portfolio on my own, moved to writing for a couple of sites on a voluntary basis, and have moved on from there to seek paid work.

Of course, the content being sought out by paying outlets is often significantly different from what I'm used to writing.  "Clickability" is important, meaning that a focus on the latest and largest games is paramount.  Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of smaller titles - the stuff I built my blog on covering - out in the cold.  I love writing about games and introducing people to ones they've never heard of, but it's hard to do so consistently when it's not where the money is.

Thus, we have this Patreon.  If you enjoy what I do and want to throw a buck or two my way, I'll be endlessly appreciative of it.  However, full disclosure: I have a full-time job, which means my content output is unfortunately limited.  For this reason, patrons are only charged when I actually publish a new article; the last thing I want is to have people paying me for work I'm not doing.

Additionally, the fact that I have a full-time job means that this Patreon is not my only source of income; far from it.  I just want to be up front about that, as I understand that some people may not be interested in giving me money for one thing when I'm already making it for doing something else.

Regardless of whether you choose to support me on here, or even whether you read my content, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out this campaign of mine.  Writing about games is something I have a lot of passion for, and even if I don't make money off of it, I'm just happy to be doing it.  :)


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