Omcolorful Team

is creating Omcolorful SAO 3.0
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 - Access to Beta Discord (receives update info before the Site does)
- Patreon Tag in the Beta Discord
- Name added into the server Hall of Fame (upon release of HoF) 
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 - All Previous Rank Perks

 - Guaranteed slot in the Beta and immunity from the Inactive Beta tester Purge (as long as you don't break our rules) 

 - Access to the [Patreon] Tag in game 

Includes Discord rewards




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About Omcolorful Team

In Late 2017 a few of the Omcolorful staff members took over the SAO server, ever since then we have been working on creating the SAO 3.0 server that everyone was waiting for. We started off with 3 people working on the server and now have a small team working on it. The reason that we are starting up this Patreon is to help the server out. All money made here will be put into improving the server as well as helping the owner out with the monthly cost.

All updates will be posted on our website and in our beta discord

Don't Forget to Link your discord account to your Patreon account.

Omcolorful SAO page

$0 of $20 per month
Buys more plugins / once we have the rest of the plugins that we need it will be put towards the monthly server cost to help out the owner.
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