is creating traditional paintings & digital art
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About OmegaPirateQueen

Hi there! My name is Kate.

Here you can find all kind of art: digital, traditional and handcraft sometimes.
What I draw? Everething that catch my eye and inspire me: nature, people, animals, plants, space, also movies and games for fanarts.

I like to work with different materials, experiment with them. And I'd like to share my knowledge with you and continue to open new mediums.

By supporting me here you will receive exclusive, secret content. You'll get to see close-ups, scketches, full-res pics and more stuff that I wont be posting enywhere else. Also with your support I'd be able to make full process videos, live streams.

And a little openig gift: 10 first Patrons will receive a secret unique item after a year of continuous folowing!

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