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Hello Kumusta! My name is Omehra Sigahne. Some of you know me as BagongPinay, the artist and author behind art, writing and websites for Filipinas and Filipinos around the world.

I love to share the inner beauty, magandang kalooban, of Philippine culture. 

From my inner landscape between mind and heart, there are many creative works that waiting to be produced. And so I invite you to be one of my patrons here on Patreon.

Help bring to life the many more future projects my soul has spoken to me of. I'll tell you more about these ideas and plans in Patreon.

Currently I'm working on videos, mobile apps, music, social media graphics and a book for the Bahala Na for the 21st Century project. 

The idea has caught on with other creatives and have joined me and we're now a team working on this project. I'm producing new videos with Philippine music and imagery and a mobile app with the help of this amazing pool of talent.

And we need support. Please be one of our patreons.

Here is my first social media short video: 

I want to do more like these to communicate how to embrace our tradition in modern times.

It could be a ripple in a sea of change. Positive change.

Here is a bit of information about me and the "Bahala Na for the 2st Century" project: 

I've even created a chant that you will get access to if you become one of my patrons.

I blog, publish online sites and pages for and by Filipinas to broaden and raise their image as mothers, leaders, writers, artists, historians, change-makers, inventors and as wonderful human beings in the world. This started in 1998 to counter sexual stereotypes about Filipinas held by men who have illusions about mail-order-brides and sex-tours.

I blog content for Philippine audiences to share the hidden gems within Philippine culture about baybayin, pakikipagkapwa, the tradition of the babaylan and more.

I was given the stories and histories of the babaylan figure and was inspired to create

Later, the living tradition of babaylans, and the Spirit of the Babaylan inspired visions and dreams and I created art and another website:

Social media is a place where seeds of change can be sown. Positive change.
Here are some social media graphics I've created and posted.

And here are some of my art

Ang bai, buwaya kag ang kahoy sg kaluluwa. Acrylic on canvas. 36" x 24". 2013.

Pagbabalikloob I. Fused glass. 2011. 12"w x 19.75"h, .75" thick.

And here are some notes about the project of “Bahala Na for the 21st Century and Beyond.”

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I hope my works speak to you of seeds of change that you will help me plant, grow and bring to fruition.

Salamat! Thank you for being one of my patreons.

$5 of $500 per month
4 short-short social media video posts, 4 social media graphics per month
In my spare time and with the help of the team, I'll create up to 4 short-short social media video posts per month. Each video will be about wisdom and beauty in Philippine culture, most especially the hidden meanings within our traditions and cultural elements.

In addition to these videos, I'll be posting up to 4 social media graphics on Instagram and Facebook too.

Here is the latest video I've created as per this goal posting.

See video now
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