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About Omnic Lab

Hey Omnics and Scientists everywhere! We created this Patreon for our podcast because we wanted to have a way for people that like what we're doing the ability to throw us a little thank you tip. All of the Patrons' support help us improve the production of the show overall as well as cover the costs it takes to produce the show, pay for a website, software, and just other stuff.

We also wanted to provide an outlet for those who really love the show and want to financially contribute a bit more significantly an outlet for us to connect with you as well as give back our deepest appreciation. Both Andres and Rob work full-time (and some part-time free lance work), which means running Omnic Lab is not our main or even part-time source for household income. We do this for the community because WE WANT TO. It's our desire is to this production it the best it can be so that the Overwatch community can find something beneficial and find a great community to build friendships around something nerdy we all enjoy.

As a final heads up we want to be up-front in letting you folks know this Patreon will always be open to changes moving forward as we reach our goals and to also adjust perks for donation levels to be that much cooler for the RAD patrons that you are. Grace and Peace to you, and remember: don't be a lab rat, be a scientist!
$230 of $250 per Podcast Episode
This level covers all costs to get Andres the ability to attend Blizzcon. Additionally, Andres would be outfitted with some mobile recording gear to interview some pros, talk with some devs, and make some sweet bonus interview content for the show. Obviously we'd love to even make a special show live at blizzcon if possible, but we will see what happens to pull that off when we hit this goal!
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