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About Bilal Itani

Hey developers,

it's Bilal, and like me, I'm sure you've experienced moments where you feel stuck in a rut.

Maybe you're programming and hit something you can't find the solution to...

Maybe you want to make games, but aren't sure where to start...

Or maybe you're completely unsure where to start with Game Development.

No matter your starting point, with Xenfinity, I want to CRUSH those moments in Game Development where you feel stuck, unsure what to do next, or having a unique problem.

I've always wanted Game Development to be more accessible, as video games are so much more than just something you do for an hour after work, or on a weekend. These are experiences that I want to help enable people to make!

Just think about what games can do for us:

  • Educate with enhanced educational content (not boring stuff!).
  • Inform society of a certain topic.
  • Entertain anyone in seconds!
  • Share an experience or opinion.
  • Express a concept or idea.

For too long, games have been too hard to make, abused by money hungry culprits, and created without passion. 

If we want games to mean more than just "a kid's hobby," and what we as developers really intend them to be, we need to do it together.

That's why I'm creating an Educational Platform with free video tutorials that explain concepts from start to finish thoroughly so we can get the best minds in game development working on their passions to change the world.

Become a patron now, and let's start your Game Development Journey together!

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