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About On Dragon Wings Studio

On Dragon Wings Studio creates art! We're a family of artists who also do animal rescue - so most of our work relates to animals! We like to experiment with all sorts of mixed media including acrylic inks, watercolour, gouache, scratchboard, digital, and more! We love dogs, cats, crows and awww heck - most every species! But we tend to create works featuring those species we know best 😊
Thank you so much for checking out our Patreon page, and if you'd consider becoming a patron, it would mean the world to us! Thanks for stopping by!
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Small is beautiful!
ATCs  (Artist Trading Cards) are small (2.5x3.5") images, the same size as other collectible cards - and they are SO much fun to create!!!
We are creating one great ATC every month (and also 4x6" versions) in each of these current series:

  • Digital Dogs
  • Digital Cats
  • Classic Companions
  • Wildlife
  • Wild and Delicate
  • Farm Animals
  • Unconventional Unicorns
  • Flower Queen Bunnies

Working on these series not only allows us to continue creating new art pieces each month, but also allows our supporters (like you!) to receive a little piece of happy animal art from whichever series is your favourite! 

If you love animals and love art, we are sure that there is a series that will make you smile every month!

Thank you for helping us work towards our goals! If you would like to know a little bit more about the series we're currently working on, read the descriptions below!

"Digital Dogs" and "Digital Cats" are the fun and colorful series that honour the pawsome furiends that share our homes and hearts!

"Classic Companions" is in Shelly's "classic" style - detailed pen and ink stippling, with watercolour overlay. This series focuses on companion animals: dogs and cats, bunnies, budgies, maybe a hamster, or a guinea pig? Those lovely creatures that make our lives so much nicer when we share our homes and hearts with them!

The "Wildlife" series focuses on wild creatures from North America and beyond and could be in any style!

“Wild and Delicate” is the lace series - featuring those species whose lives and future are especially precarious. 

The "Farm Animals" series is a collaborative effort - so the art you receive may be in one of Shelly's styles, or one of Emma's styles! But always depicting happy farm animals including pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and more!

"Unconventional Unicorns" began with Boris the unicorn black bear and has since evolved to include unicorn piglets, unicorn penguins, and unicorn chipmunks - and continues to grow! You won't know the species you'll get each month - but it is guaranteed to have glitter and magic!

"Flower Queen Bunnies" features regal and elegant bunnies wearing - yup! you guessed it - Flower crowns!

And if you're not sure which series you like best, you can always check out our past works, including ATCs that our Patreon subscribers have received in previous months, in past posts here on Patreon and on our website - OnDragonWingsStudio.com.

Choose your favourite series and become a patron today!
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