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Hello Patreon.

My handle in the creative world is Oneiric Omnestar. It is an homage to dreams and the stars; two things that have always captivated me. Like many others who pursue a creative career, I live what I call the  "Clark Kent" lifestyle – a citizen by day, a superhero at night. But for me, more precisely, a corporate worker by day, a creative by night (in between my family obligations). On any given night, I find myself burning the candles to give my projects life.

My creative palette is a mixture of writing, illustration, film and photography. As of now, I am using COMICS on Patreon as an entry point into my stratosphere of work. Each style of media I use is built with my signature brand of fun, allure, and mystery. Whether the projects are serious or comedic, all are designed to spark thought and entertain. 

Although I am going against the current "niche" marketing trend, I agree that medium and genre are assets to classification. However, I do not believe that a creative person should have to adhere to specialization in order to find their audience.

I have created a small production company, "Omnestream" to reach into all streams of media and work with other creatives. As an individual with limited time, I understand the power of collaboration. It is an incredible spark to creation and a key to efficiency. Our first endeavors include a new format of comic books called "Digi-Epics" designed to interface with computer, handheld devices, mobile phones and television. Hopefully your interest in the "Digi-Epics" will lead you into the photography, novel and film properties. Check out the "Omnestream" website here. Supporters of this page will be eligible to receive rewards from all media formats that I produce.


Creativity is a gift that we all can experience. Sometimes as creators and sometimes as spectators. Patreon brings together both. As I stated, I live the Clark Kent lifestyle. My time is severely restricted and at this point, supporting my family doesn't allow me to shed the corporate life and make that leap into a full-time "Creative." Your support will enable me to build a foundation to obtain tools, such as software, materials, and funds to share with other creatives to deliver quality entertainment products to fans of the works.

The more completed works I produce, the closer I will become to shed the business tie to don the creative cape full-time. This will enable me to deliver more captivating work. This will be an amazing chain of events and all the supporters here will witness it unfold.

Thank you for your support!

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