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One Limb Left Gaming does not require a fee or different tiers to view and enjoy all of its content. The videos are not just about accessibility in video games, they are all about being accessible to everyone anytime, anywhere. 

But if you would like to chip in a dollar or two feel free to do so.




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What is One Limb Left Gaming?
One Limb Left Gaming is a YouTube channel dedicate to producing video content centering around accessibility in video games. Videos are created by me, Nick Battaglia a video games journalist for over four years who was born with a physical disability. Prior to being born my umbilical cord wrapped around my arm cutting of its growth just below my elbow. I started One Limb Left Gaming because I felt it was important to provide content for people like myself while giving others an insight into how I approach different video games.

What started out as an ongoing feature article has turned into a YouTube channel producing a two weekly series. One covering various video games and their level of accessibility, and one centering around weekly news stories within the gaming industry. 

What Type of Content is Covered by this Patreon?

Accessibility ReviewsMany video game reviews discuss characters, the game's story, etc. But what about its abundance or lack of accessibility options for disabled gamers? As a gamer with one arm, these reviews are created to both inform disabled gamers as well as give able bodied people a look at how important accessibility is when it comes to various gaming titles. 

Newscade: News is breaking all-around, us, all the time. Newscade is a video series where every week I discuss, breakdown, and give my opinion on the biggest news within the gaming industry. This includes trailers as well. 

 How Many Tiers are There?

There are no tiers, only Zuul. In all seriousness give what you can or are most comfortable with, that is up to you. It is your money, I want you to do what you want with it and not feel obligated or left out. Regardless of what you give (or don't) One Limb Left Gaming's content will always be free and accessible to you and here is why. Four years ago I started a podcast with my then broadcast partner called Down and Nerdy. The idea of having our listeners pay a monthly fee to access our content made us feel uncomfortable and we felt like making it free we would allow us to reach more people. We were right and by making our content free we had 
over 2 million listens and downloads in four years. 

Though I am no longer a part of the podcast I still heavily believe in not forcing people to pay for the content I produce. Fifteen percent of the world's population is disabled, and as someone with a disability I know living with one already escalates living expenses, and the last thing I want to do is
forcefully add to yours whether you are disabled or not. As I said earlier whether you are disabled or not, the last thing I want to do is make you feel like you are left out, and it is your money, do what you want with it. 

I want you to be able to access all of One Limb Left Gaming's content anytime, anywhere and not have to worry about missing out. 

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