Trent the one man showoff

is creating Art, animation, reviews, let's plays and podcasts

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Hi my name is Trent, I love drawing, I love storytelling, and I love life. I'm still figuring out everything else.

I want to make a living doing what I love; Creating entertainment, telling stories, and making art. Sounds pretty broad but it's still something that makes me happy and I know I can make a living off of somehow.

That isn't to say Patreon will literally be my only source of income, it's just a nice thing to have on the side to get some money from just from doing what I love and it could open new doors for me to meet new creators and pay for people to work with.

So what will you get in return? For 5 dollars, access to my discord server. 10 dollars gets you access to my more naked art. And 20 dollars lets you be part of a raffle to request free art.

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