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21, AZ
I am Enrique Vega or Anthony or Tony
I Graduated from #Skyline High school, #EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) with completion of #3D-Animation. During My high school years I won two Legacy of Excellence certificates and one excelling art student plaque from my teachers. I currently attend Mesa Community College Full-Time for my Graphic Design Certification and I work full-time . It keeps me busy and keeps my negative thoughts from overbearing me.
I have lived in Arizona all of my life creating art since the age of 10 it started as an outlet from being bullied from there it became a passion. Growing up as a #LGBTQIA+ child with AS ( #Aspergers ) wasn’t always easy for me personally I always felt I didn’t belong. one day in my 6th grade #ART class I found that drawing made me feel like i have purpose it made me Fulfilled.
In 2011 I went through some changes in my personal life in High school was stressful for me as someone who is gay. I went through a lifestyle change from becoming a #vegan I was traumatized by a video of an animal being skinned alive. I couldn’t Sleep for several days .When I sleep i have to have the lights on at night.The image haunts me to this day.
I came out of the closet to my parents and it was stressful My entire life I felt I had to force myself to be someone else.In 2014 I had un-diagnosed #depression It got worse with time despite people telling “it gets better with time”.
My depression got worse Learning to drive was difficult for me being a Cashier was a stressful environment for me panic attacks were a common thing for me. Over time I adapted to it During this year i decided to make a business selling paintings online while doing work and school Full-time. I came to find out that i have treatment resistant severe depression with anxiety. over the recent years its hard for to even get up for the day I struggle to even to make my art.
I am grateful i had to go through this journey it made me learn so much my art reflects my emotions i let out when painting.
~ I believe art can be therapy for anyone no matter where you come from.

I mostly paint abstract paintings  I post drawings here and there since time is limited.
I am learning as much as i can to become a professional artist. Any feedback is very helpful. Facebook Twitter Etsy Instagram DeviantArt OneSidedImages.com

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