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The basic level of support.  You get access to the monthly Patreon-only blog and photographs I upload regularly.

I'll send you a postcard as I wind my way through the continent. 

My eternal gratitude as I sip on some hot liquid and take time to sit inside in (hopefully) somewhere safe and warm as a reprieve from the daily walking slog.

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You get access to the monthly Patreon-only blog and photographs I upload regularly.  

I'll send you a postcard as I wind my way through the continent. 


A book - eventually.  Once a book manifests itself out of this adventure I will send you two signed copies.  

'One Woman Walks Europe' - look I already have the title. 

You'll help fund the occasional night in a hostel.  When all my kit is wet, or I'm just exhausted, or something has broken.  Help me to sleep somewhere inside, with running hot water, where I can shut a door on the public and sleep without fear of disturbance, leaving the next morning having washed all my clothes in the sink and dried them on the radiator overnight. 

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You get access to the monthly Patreon-only blog and photographs I upload regularly.


A book - eventually.  Once a book eventually manifests itself out of this adventure I will send you two signed copies.  One Woman Walks Europe; look I already have the title. 


A postcard from every country I pass through.

Wow, amazing, super duper.  You want to help me so much that you will fund replacement kit when mine runs out/breaks/is stolen/ripped apart by bears and/or brambles.

I wore out a pair of boots about every 1000 miles during the last walk.  That's £120 a pair.  There is fair weather kit and rain weather kit, there are different sleeping bags for different seasons, there are all the small things that I didn't know I needed and all the things that break unexpectedly.  I replaced my rucksack once during the last walk, sewing up the straps where it came apart.  I ripped holes in all my clothes.  

You would help me to breathe easy every time an expensive piece of kit or clothing suffered an injury.




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About One Woman Walks

First of all, thank you for clicking through and considering supporting my Patreon.

I am Ursula.
Seven years ago I would never have imagined that I would be asking for financial support for my travel writing - partly because I didn't believe in myself enough to even ask but also because life has taken a few turns between then and now.

In 2011 I kayaked the length of the river Danube.  Once I arrived in Bulgaria I was planning to stay there for the winter and walk back to Britain.  But that's not what happened - instead I found out I had ovarian cancer.  The travelling went on hold while I went through my illness and afterwards life had changed.  I no longer wanted to travel abroad, instead I planned a walk in Wales, my home country, orientated around the regular hospital check-ups I had to attend.

The walk went well, it took me 17 months to walk 3700 miles, I raised over £12,000 for two cancer charities and spread awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer to thousands of woman by handing out symptoms cards and sharing symptoms on social media and national news media.

Following the walk I wrote a book about the experience; 'One Woman Walks Wales', published by Honno, Welsh Women's Press, came out in February 2018.

Now the book is out and my cancer has receded into the background, I can look at travelling abroad again.  I want to walk across Europe, to complete the circle that started seven years ago and has been interrupted by so many unexpected incidents.

I'm planning to hitchike to Kiev in August and walk down to Bulgaria through Romania then west though Southern Europe, picking up the Camino to Santiago in southern France and walking to Finisterre before back across Spain and up to Britain.

I will blog and share photographs along the way, collect material for a second book in a few years time.  The material that appears here will be for supporters only, a monthly blog and photographs.

So why am I asking for money?

I don't ask for sponsorship from big brands - I think people are already sold too much stuff by huge corporations and I don't want my name to help fuel our global overconsumption.  So I fund my travels myself - to prepare for the previous Wales walk I worked as a carer for a year.

While I wrote my book I worked part time as a baker and lived in my vehicle to lower my living costs so I could afford to take the time to write.  Now the book is finished and I finally am able to work full time, to save as much money as possible before I leave to walk across Europe.  I don't have a stunning CV or professional career so I'm limited to minimum wage jobs - I have been working as a baker, a supermarket worker, a kitchen porter, a life model, as well as trying to promote my book at talks and events.  This collection of part-time jobs will add up to a full time wage.  I still live in my van to allow me to save the extra hundreds a month that a house would cost.

The trip might take up to two years, I've no idea how my damaged feet will cope with the strain of another long distance route.  I'll be on an incredibly tight budget and I'm asking for support to help me cope with unexpected circumstances - maybe kit will break, or I need a night in a hostel, or you'd just like to help me treat myself to more than a coffee.  

In return, I'll post exclusive blogs and videos to this page, adding a hidden element to a mostly public journey.  You can see regular updates that aren't available anywhere else, plus receive copies of the book, once it comes out.
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Once I reach this amount, I'd like to start spreading the money around, perhaps to people who aren't as able to manipulate the Internet to receive as much publicity as I have. 
If I reach this goal I will donate 20% of this amount and anything above to others. Maybe it'll be a charity project in the country I'm walking through, or maybe it will be to individuals. 
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