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About OnlineCrimeTheory.etc

Hi! I'm the creator of Online Crime Theory.ect. My content includes but is not limited to: criminology, psychology and deductive philosophy. I've started this Patreon page to gather support from my viewers who want to see more excellent high quality content. Currently I'm working multiple jobs and that takes away from the time I could be putting into this channel. It would be my dream to pour my heart and soul into making excellent quality for you!

Retired Army Doctor $5/ month Patrons Partners will get one Sherlock Holmes story that I narrate a month for just a $5 commitment as well as a mention on my next video.

Scotland Yard Sargent $10/month Patreon Partners will receive two narrated Sherlock Holmes stories as well as early access to videos and the ability to suggest what video/audiobook should come out next as well as the rewards listed in the first rewards package.

Consulting Detective: 15$/month Patreon Partners will receive all of the above perks in addition to more audiobooks, behind-the-scene looks at videos, more exclusive content and exciting surprises in store!

Thank you to all my viewers! I appreciate every one of you:)