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Thank you for your Oath of Service and welcome within the halls of Watch Fortress Erioch! To reward you for your loyalty:

  • You'll gain access to The Debriefing, a bi-weekly, patron-only podcast where the Kill-team and I get together to talk about the sessions played (as well as whatever else takes our fancy) and answer questions from our Patrons!

  • I will proclaim your name at the end of the next mission log declassification after your first tithe clears!
Serf of the Kill-team
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Your devotion has earned you assignment to the service of Kill-team Atromitos! Not only will you gain access to the Debriefing and the Master of Games proclaim your name per the prior tier, you also gain access to the Discord server via which the Kill-team and their serfs communicate!

  • Chat with your fellow fans!
  • Share your favourite art or create your own!
  • Talk about the lore of Warhammer 40,000 and the rules of the Deathwatch RPG!
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You have been entrusted with the very maintenance of the holy wargear that aids Kill-team Atromitos in the smiting of the Emperor's enemies! To aid you in your task, you will receive all prior tiers' rewards and mission logs (public episodes) will declassify for you a full four days before all others!
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About Radio Rob and Kill-team Atromitos

Thank you for checking out the Patreon page for Only In Death: The Secret Mission Logs of Kill-team Atromitos, a podcast where my four players and I create a sci-fi action movie in the theatre of your mind! I'm Radio Rob, the show's host and game master, and it means so much to us that you listen and download this show.

If you're interested in backing the show, please head over to the Patreon page of the game master, GM Radio Rob, and check out the goals and rewards there!
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