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  • This dollar will not only go towards supporting my drawing channel but it will make sure that i never run out of pencils:). Thank you for the great support over the years and your inspiring messages.
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  • Slowed down drawing videos: You will gain access to my patreon feed where you will get much more in depth videos with voice over commentary that can range from 5 minutes to an hour or more. This will be very exciting and i thank you for the great support!
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Hello everyone, my name is Lisandro Pena and i currently live in Toronto, Canada. Im a pencil artist and have been fortunate enough to be doing this for many years now. Throughout the years i have a developed a unique style that makes my drawings stand out from any other out there.

Why am i here?
Well, i have a website where i provide tutorials and lessons for anyone interested in learning the techniques that i use. With this platform i will provide more in depth content for anyone who is interested in advanced techniques. I will still provide free content on my website but patreon will help me support my art and will give me the opportunity and more time to give more back. I believe that knowledge is not worth anything unless you share it with others. Hopefully there will be enough interest in my work that i can continually add lots of content for you all. I will provide lessons,videos,explanations,techniques, work in progress and anything that i believe will be helpful to you all. Thank you and welcome to my channel.
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My first goal before anyting would have to be to get a new computer for the video editing. As of right now, the computer system that im using for editing the videos just doesn't cut it.  A 20 minute video takes approximately 5 hours to process. Hopefully a new editing system will allow me to add much more content much quicker and the production value on each video will dramatically improve.  Until then, i will continue to work with what i have and will do my best to make them quality videos.  Thanks everyone and keep on drawing!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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