Lee-Anne Lawrance (only-two comics)

is creating webcomics and zines about being non-binary
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About Lee-Anne Lawrance (only-two comics)

My name is Lee-Anne Lawrance. I'm an award-winning graphic designer and I make a webcomic called only-two. Please help me to make more comics!

I'm a queer, non-binary trans person who makes comics about being non-binary. I also create resources and lead workshops on trans and non-binary issues in an effort to change the world!

If you think that's a pretty neat thing for me to be doing become a patron now!

Your support means I can go ahead and make more comics and more resources and you'll get access to exclusive content! <3
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I'm disabled and need my car. Reaching my $100 per month goal will help me to keep my car running - which means I can get out of the house for appointments, to run errands, and see friends.
I'll also make a special thank you video for all my patrons ^_^
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