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About Mike Goldman

Hi there Im Mike Goldman. My podcast goes live every Sunday night and features interesting characters, celebrities, politicians, doctors, legends, geniuses, writers, entertainers and many more. The show is free and I am paying for everything myself at the moment so any donation is much appreciated.
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THANKYOU!! This will help me pay my buddies helping on the show and I will happilly do your on hold or voice mail message and e mail it to you on MP3.
So Ben Clayton is an audio producer legend. He has been the voice of brands all over the world.....from his little studio at Nova radio in Brisbane. To say thankyou for knocking up my music beds and intros in his own time I want to buy him something. Shaneal Sharma is my musician pal who has recorded albums with people all over the world like Carl Cox and The Veronicas. Hes doing some crazy stuff with Ice Cube at the moment and he had kindly given me music tracks to use on the show. Thanks Ben and Shaneal you are my bestest buddies and superstars for helping out. 
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