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Access to the production show notes used for each episode in the week leading up to its recording, including the ability to leave comments for the show's hosts in the document itself.
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In addition to the lower tier's reward, early access (usually up to 24 hours) to the edited podcast's MP3 for downloading.




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About OotiniCast

We started OotiniCast shortly before the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic towards the end of 2011. Our goal was to deliver a show that reported on the news about the game, provided in-depth analysis, and included meaningful discussion between the regular hosts (Chill and Teo) and a rotating panel of guests.

We believe we have achieved that, with a show that has grown in popularity over the intervening years. This campaign is a way to provide funding to maintain the show's audio quality and production values, maintenance costs and other expenses. If we can raise enough, we will attempt to send a representative to SWTOR-related events. We've resisted the urge to include in-program advertising, and would prefer to avoid that if at all possible!
$22 of $100 per Episode
We will produce a short video (perhaps 10 minutes) describing the inception of OotinCast. It will include never before seen material (emails, documents) from the original discussions between Chill and myself in late 2011. Our patrons will receive early (and possibly exclusive) access to the video.
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