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is creating a collective resource for emerging Feldenkrais practitioners
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About Open Acture NYC

Hi! It’s Adam, Amber, Molly and Wanda, aka Open Acture NYC.

You’re probably here because you’re already a supportive presence in our lives or support Open Acture by coming to class already, so THANK YOU! We really appreciate that you made it to this page and hope you can choose a reward that reflects how you’d like to participate in supporting the future success of this project!

Why Support Us?

This project is a labor of love. We love teaching class every week, coordinating our clinics, sharing our broadcasts and supporting the work of new practitioners. Like a lot of creators, the love is real and we pour our devotion, time and resources into making this happen.

We need our community to succeed! Knowing we have our community's support means the world to us! It gives us energy! It gives us life! We create our offerings with you in mind and execute them in the service of your self discovery and ours! If you know us personally you know the countless hours we put into crafting our work. Let alone building Open Acture NYC to resemble an ethical, fiscally accessible and peer supported forum for emerging Feldenkrais practitioners and the general public.

We are developing a unique offering within the Feldenkrais community. In this collective we have set out to define a social structure thats reflects and expands upon the principles of the Feldenkrais Method. We seek to define a new culture to contain and sustain the benefits of the Method and envision personal growth supported through group process. We are in this together!

How Can You Help?

Choose a reward. We would like to convince you to choose one. Even at $1 a month you can glean the benefits of the platform we are building and uplift our efforts while doing it!

If you come to class regularly you can choose to become a Member at $10/month and get a 50% discount every class!

Your patronage helps us secure the future of this collective offering: low cost classes and clinics, broadcasts, educational supplies, space, and resident stipends to create some next level classes for us all!

Needless to say, we would SERIOUSLY appreciate your financial support!

Thank you making the future of Open Acture a reality!

Yours sincerely,

Adam, Amber, Molly and Wanda
Open Acture NYC
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When we reach our goal of $150 we will organize three special Spring and Summer workshops. Sample topics include engaged pedagogy, pain relief, somatic semiotics and embodied performance strategies.
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