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About Operation Hal

The Operation HAL YouTube Channel had 42,000+ Subscribers and was reaching 9 Million Viewers Per Month when we were SUDDENLY TERMINATED by YouTube on 2/22/2018. 

Although we were not given specific reasons for our Termination, we later found out that we were part of a LARGE PURGE that was taking place as YouTube was systematically shutting down Conservative Channels.  

Our Response to this Tech-Left Censorship has been to dedicate our time and efforts to raising up Thousands of Information Warriors like ourselves.  Our Step-by-Step Online Info Warrior Training Videos have ALREADY helped more than 18,000 novices learn how to utilize Online Platforms to spread information.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, you can participate in our Basic Training by  becoming a Patron for just $2/Month. Your $2 will give you access to the very same Training Videos that have helped raise up hundreds of Alt-Right, Pro-Trump, Patriotic YouTube Channels.

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