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Sweaty Scrub
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Welcome fellow Geeks! We treat this tier like our Twitch Subs. As we begin to grow we will set aside time for Sub/Patron games. We will try to make a Patreon exclusive chat button on Twitch (don't know if that is possible)

  • Game time With the Geeks
  • Access to all Polls
  • Drop parties and free loot on our game servers

Includes Discord rewards
Try Hards
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Congrats! You're a sweaty try hard xD now you can see upcoming videos before everyone else!

  • Game time with the Geeks
  • Access to all Polls
  • 24 Hour Early Access to YouTube videos
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards
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Dude/Dudette, you literally are paying for a gaming server for the community. You're a freakin' beast!

  • Game Time with the Geeks
  • Access to all Polls
  • 24 Hour Early Access to YouTube videos
  • Access to Patreon Giveaways!
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards




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About Optimal Geeks

The idea behind Optimal Geeks is that you always have someone to play games with. Gaming just isn't as enjoyable when you aren't with like minded gamers.

Our reasoning for creating a Patreon page is to give our future community members the chance to support the entire community. We started working on a website for our community where we would like to display community events, giveaways, and future gaming servers. For now, we will be streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube in hopes to grow our community. Funds will go to a variety of things such as giveaways,upgrading the website to a business account, upgrading our equipment for higher quality streams, add-ons to our content such as game shows, and any future game servers. 

We appreciate anything our followers are willing to give! Your money will be put to good use by assisting the growth of the community. We will be working on Patron rewards and we will definitely reach out to the community for your input on what you would like to see for your Patron rewards.

$0 of $25 per month
At this goal we will be able to do more giveaways for the community. We do the giveaways on Twitch but there will be exclusive giveaways for Patrons.

Also, we will open up a game server and the community will vote on what game it is!!
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