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is creating Community & Educational Videos on Spiritual Acceleration
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Sample Plater
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Sample  Platter gives you a taste of a little of everything every month. Weekly tarot card draw and the daily Mayan energy forecast.

When you know what the universe has in store you can roll with the  punches and stay on top.

The weekly tarot draw shows the numbers and archetype universal energies in play.  

Mayan calendar has been around since ancient times and takes us deeper. Every 13 days the major energy coming in shifts the tone and lessons. Then the daily Sign in conjunction really shows us what to expect so we can go with the flow and accelerate our spiritual journey and anticipate rocky seas at work or in relationships . 

Would yo like sides with that?
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Everything previous and

IF you are not ready to go deeper and really start to see and experience the undercurrents of reality and yourself this tier is not for you.

-Discover your personal Mayan birth sign 

-Learn how to start a Mayan calendar journal and 

-Follow along with the daily energies and writing prompts

-Guided meditation activation as we enter each new major energy every 13 days ( about 3 per month)


per month

Everything in previous and

This tier is for those who are serious about expanding their understanding of esoteric wisdom, metaphysics and energy work. As an oracle  and walk- in, part of my mission is to guide those who feel the call to assist in raising the vibration of humanity and be in service to the people.

Monthly classes( 1-2 per month) online in a variety of topics such as :


Divination ( tarot, Numerology, Runes, Scrying smoke, trees)

Working with Spirit medicine and shamanic tools

Past lives


Temple Mysteries

Crystal Healing

Quantum Energy

Gift cultivation

and more.

In addition to the monthly classes  you gain access to Angel messages and transmissions coming in from the Counsel of Light and Agromenthia.



About Oracle Starsong

Hello friends!
I am Sephirah Starsong an Oracle, Walk-in, Spiritual Acceleration Mentor, Energetics Teacher 

  • I am passionate about empowering authentic truth, sustainability, and training community leaders.I believe in sustainability in all things food, relationships, health and especially, spirituality.

  • I believe we have all lived many life in them we gained much wisdom, mastered many abilities and have much to share with Humanity.

  • If you understand the core principals of where esoteric wisdom meets science in a usable way, you become liberated, able to create and share your own authentic wisdom instead of endlessly being a consumer.

My goal is to assist with empowering this truth in humanity in a seeing Spirituality become  sustainable and self actualized. 

Thank you to all those who join me in this endevor, I am truly gratful.

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