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 Patrons donating just $1.00 per month are giving about 1000 times more to Orcs Head Magic than every ad they could possibly watch in a month.  Therefore, donators at this level get the reward of Ad-Block Absolution!  You can now use Ad-Block software GUILT FREE! 

I Dont mind people using Ad-Block Software but if you enjoy a content creator just being able to support them a little makes a huge difference.

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 You get access to the Patreon page and get to help vote to decide what the bonus videos are about.  You also get invites to the Google Hangouts and all other Patron-only events. 

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About Orcs Head Magic

Hello one and all viewers of the page thank you first and foremost for stopping by.

Who am I?
My name is Jordan and i run the YouTube and Twitch Channel Orcs Head Magic, my one goal is to bring good magic the gathering content to all fellow planeswalkers of the multiverse from those who are just starting their journey into MtG and for those who have been spell slinging for years.

Why the Patreon?
With your direct support it will allow me to invest time and effort into developing content for the channel through improved equipment and software upgrades.

When does your content come out?
I regularly release content a minimum of twice a week from deck techs to product unboxings and stream once a week on a Wednesday night (New Zealand Time) to which we play on both MTG Arena and Magic Online for other eternal formats.

How can I support you?
Well by firstly saying THANK YOU any support you can give to the channel makes me incredibly grateful to you. By supporting through Patreon you will gain access to special votes helping you decide content for the channel such as deck tech ideas and possibly even participate in battles for content on the channel.
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We will start doing a Patreon only giveaway - Such as Booster Packs, Deck Boxes, Foil Cards etc.
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