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About Ore.lt e-magazine

Ore.lt (in the air in Lithuanian) is one of the most influential (sub)culture media e-channels in Lithuania, founded in 1998. We are reflecting and focusing on various cultural processes, that are missed by major media.

Ore.lt is a non-commercial, voluntary and open platform, where journalists, artists, designers, programmers, art curators, managers and [you name it], express their views on current realities about music, cinema, theater, literature, technologies, sociology, etc. Everybody can join and become Ore.lt contributor - just write us to [email protected].

Today Ore.lt is a valuable archive and subjective diary of Lithuanian alternative culture landscape for more than two decades. We would like to keep it independent and ad-free, but in order to maintain it technically and improve quality and quantity of our content, we ASK for you support.
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Goal 1: Create stable quality content

About 10-15 different materials per month accompanied by photos, videos, illustrations, etc.

Focus on young & promising talents in music, arts, cinema, literature, sociology, etc.
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