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I will tag your name in marker on paper, once a month, each time in a unique style, and post it on here. It will be an awesomely unique stylized rendition of your name in a signature style. This will also help ME practice my lettering! 
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You get to preview any art I post for sale online before I post it- so you get first dibs!  
Graffiti piece of you choice
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I will do one video each month of me drawing/ painting a graffiti piece of your choice ; you pick the word and colors.




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About Noah Dalton

Hello all,
My name is Noah.
I paint graffiti art, and also mess around with other tools and mediums like papier mache and making sculptures out of old spraypaint cans.
I am also an actor, martial artist, self-taught classical pianist and art instructor.
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I will finish one small painting per week and post it for Give-Away.
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