is creating a virtual idol competition project.
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  • You will be able to receive weekly release photo sets from all idol trainees in high resolution. 
  • Access to monthly popularity vote: support your favourite girl to stay in the competition and win extra photo ops. 
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  • Access to weekly photo sets from all trainees.
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  • Access to weekly photo sets from all trainees.
  • Access to monthly popularity vote.
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About Origin9

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our Patreon page! Origin9 is a virtual idol competition project initiated by a small group of talented artists based in Vancouver, Canada. We have over 10 years of professional experience working in various fields of the creative industry such as photography, filmmaking, painting, and digital art.

  • Origin9 is a virtual idol popularity competition based on voting by supporters. In this competition, idol trainees will pose in weekly-released photo sets to reward their supporters.

Voting & Popularity
  • Trainees’ opportunities to show themselves depend on popularity. According to voting results, popular interns will have more opportunities to appear in photo sets.

Introduction & Elimination
  • Each month, one to three new trainees will be introduced to the competition. A dedicated photo set will be released for each new trainee. At the same time, the least popular trainee from previous month will be eliminated.

Development plans:

Your support will bring us more creative talents, improve our hardware, and give us opportunity ot explore bleeding edge technologies to create better art works. Our roadmap for season one (2018-8 to 2019-8) includes:

  • The maximum number of active trainees is set at 9 for season one; however, elimination may begin even before the 9th girl is introduced, just to shorten the wait and spice things up a little.
  • A total of 20-30 girls introduced throughout the year. Among them, 9 girls will make it to the end, the rest will be eliminated. There might be a "revival" vote to bring one girl back from the eliminated pool. In case that happens, it will take place close to the end of season one.
  • The first couple photo sets from each trainee serve as introductions thus the composition and lighting will be relatively natural. Later on, photo sets will become more and more diverse as we explore various makeup, lighting and post-processing techniques.

  • Origin9是一个基于支持者投票的一个虚拟偶像人气竞赛。在活动期间,练习生们每周都会推出美美的写真集来感谢大家的支持。
  • 练习生的出镜机会取决于她们的人气。根据每个月的投票结果,人气高的练习生在写真集中会有更多的出镜机会。
  • 每个月都会有一到三位新练习生加入竞赛,每个新加入的练习生会推出一套专属写真。与此同时,前一个月人气最低的一位练习生将被淘汰出局。

  • Origin9は、Patreonに投票したサポーターに基づいた仮想アイドル人気コンテストです。 イベント期間中、アイドル研修生は毎週写真アルバムを発売しています。皆様のご支援に感謝いたします。
  • 研修生の登場は彼らの人気に左右されます。 毎月の投票の結果によると、人気のある研修生は写真集に出席する機会が増えます。
  • 毎月1〜3人の新人研修生が参加します。 新しい研修生ごとに専用の写真セットが公開されます。 同時に、先月人気度が最も低い研修生が排除されます。

Active Idols:

Yumi / 语弥 / ゆみ

Abigail / 阿比盖尔 / アビゲイル

Ellie / 艾莉 / エリ

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