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Call me Orky. I've been drawing for all my life. it has always been an hobby. I first started using SAI when I was 8, on my sister's computer. I started off drawing my favorite, MLP and Pokemon. throughout my childhood I would love to make little critters and stories about them using MS paint, or Sharpie on a notebook. I would constantly draw, filling up a new sketchbook in the matter of hours. one day, around early-ish 2015, I was bored and decided to install SAI on my bulky PC. My first drawing that day was a Butterfree pokemon. ever since then i'v never stopped digital art. I started to take it more seriously when I got a new laptop the same summer, I signed up for Deviant Art and started posting my Pokemon creations. I remember being obsessive over the pokemon Cubone and Bayleef ^^,.

On one fateful September/October day in 2015, I somehow fell down a hole of Dolphin videos on Youtube, Dolphins reacting to themselves on a mirror, Dolphins playing with bubble blowers, Dolphins creating unique hunting strategies, Documentary clips. I got hooked on their beauty and intelligence I saw in those videos quickly. as I looked more into the subject, the more entranced I became, all the species of dolphins and whales, each one was so unique to me, I never realized there were so many. that's why I am here now. Around July 2016, I decided to start a web-comic with some characters Iv had around for a while, I called it....er.... well,  you see, I was very awful at grammar back then, it was supposed to me called "Nation" but it was misspelled "Nathan" on multiple occasions. not long after making the comic I decided to rename it Oceanic! much more fitting... so for the past two years Iv been working on this web-comic, a few times I tried to work on other web series... those didn't turn out so well, it's extremely difficult to make more then one comic at once. Oceanic manage to hit 124 pages, before I restarted the series to page one. The old pages were so old and unreadable, I didn't want this to be apart of the story. so I restarted from the beginning. I'm much more motivated to continue with the story this way, even though some people were upset with me. I hope to create a nicely done, interesting, successful comic series someday. I'm still new to writing and comic making in general, so any support, critiques, favorites, comments, feedback means a lot to me! Thank you
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If goal is reached, I will publish a Patreon-exclusive web-comic! the pages will be more simpler drawn, but have a story too it. the plot of the comic involves several animals such as Dolphins, Sharks, and even doggos! but I must be at a 150 goal to make this dream come true. comics are pretty hard, ya know!
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