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My name is Anna (my friends used to call me while I was living in Canada this way well pronouncing Orsolya.... good luck with that:) ). I am single Mom of 2 beautiful children living in Hungary.
I have come to the decision to change our lives after a meltdown in front of my daughter in our the kitchen of our rented apartment and came up with a simple plan that could be followed by anyone. 
I would like to show my way of developing a wealthy, abundant life through simple easy steps which could be followed by anyone. As a believer of the Law of attraction, I am on the way of realizing and figuring out the right way of an abundant life. Being a single Mom, not having so much time and wanting a better future for my children put me in the position where I know struggle on a different level. I am responsible for two more human beings which trust me is a lot of pressure. However, it does not have to be. So with all my intentions either you are a single Mom or just someone who wants a change in your life, my journey or my tips might be the one you are looking for.

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