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About Osborne

For years, it's been my dream to be a pro comic artist, so to be living it out right now is unbelievable. You're welcome to donate some love and appreciation here, and reap some benefits from it as well, since I post early sneak peeks of episodes and share some sketches and such from time to time.
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Donating some love
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For the casual donating sweetheart out there.

Access to sneak peeks of coming chapters (including sketches and also full color pics). 

Sunday Edition
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Unlock the weekly patreon-exclusive full-color extra large comic! Read the daily regular comics before everyone else! Thank you!!
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Same as above plus full-res jpegs of the eps, and receive access to sunday edition and also whatever other bonus drawings and doodles I decide to throw on the patreon throughout the month.
Comics'N'Music Pack
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Receive access to the weekly: sunday edition, extra content, and also receive a download link to all my music I've put out. I'll also post work in progress and completed new songs on the patreon for you to hear.
"Doodle request" Pack!
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Sunday Comic, Bonus Content, Music, AND request a doodle once per month of whatever you want! Plus I'll follow you on social media if you'd like! 
$0 of $300 per creation
Monthly sketching livestreams!
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