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Thank you so much for the donation! You get a shoutout at the end of my videos for this month and a rank on my discord server. The money will go to making new content, better equipment and buying better software! You are the driving force behind my content, thank you so much :D
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About Osirio

Hey! I'm a small time youtuber who likes to record, livestream and play games!

As I'm writing this I only have a mere ten subscribers but I do this as my hobby and I was hoping that some of you guys here on patreon, or possibly those who have watched some of my content to help support me financially in creating better quality content so that more people can watch and enjoy it! 

Currently I'm working towards a silent (or atleast quieter) keyboard that I can record games like Portal without the annoying click of a 10$ keyboard (yes it's literally 10$).

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