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Birdo Adventure
My name is Cameron or Otenz and I am creating interactive fiction on my discord server. I have been running this discord server for around a year and have recently decided to make a story as more of a joke. Part 1 of Birdo Adventure has already been created however it was made as more of a meme and does not have much depth to it which will change within Part 2 of Birdo Adventure. In Part 1 of Birdo Adventure a short paragraph worth of writing was posted every week with the option for readers to vote on what they wanted the protagonist to do next based of multiple choices I would give them. 

So whats next for Part 2?
Birdo Adventure Part 2 will follow the same storyline as Part 1 but this time I'll take it more seriously. I will still attempt to make it as quirky as it was originally however this time around I will be putting a lot more effort into the story telling and making sure that the story is compelling enough for readers to want to get into. Each week I will be putting a new "Chapter" onto the discord server, these will include multiple paragraphs of writing and a story affecting choice. Overall Part 2 will feature, a compelling story, interesting choices and consistent weekly updates.

Birdo Adventure is free to read and participate in and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. So what do you get from backing me on Patreon? First and foremost your support on Patreon will allow me to fulfill this passion of mine and be able to create awesome content for you guys while still bringing in income! Some rewards include, more than one vote on choices, direct input on where the story goes, sneak peeks at upcoming chapters and more!

For now all of Birdo Adventure will continue to be uploaded onto my discord server, however this could change if the support is great enough.
If you would like to see Birdo Adventure for yourself and become a member of my discord server you can join using the following link.
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