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You will gain access to a special website containing the remaining photos produced on the trail and during the meetings on the way.

You will get a personalized acknowledgment on our website.

You will gain access to maps, both satellite view and as road maps, showing all of Joe’s check-in points at a one-week delay.

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You will gain access to a website containing the video and audio footage cut in the editing process. This will include both footage that we simply decided was superfluous, and “blooper” footage.

Anybody who has supported 50% or more of the walk at $5 or more will receive at the end a copy of a book produced of all the writing and images from this project.

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In addition to all of the above tiers:

You will gain access to a website containing deliberately made fun recordings, both video and audio, by the Other Lives staff. and also other writings both serious and humorous. You will get access to our team as a group of friends having fun, taking pride and joy in our identity as survivors.




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About Other Lives

Other Lives website: http://otherlives.org
Joe’s Writing: https://medium.com/@otherlives
Other Stories, a Publication by Other Lives: https://writing.otherlives.org/
Other Lives Forum, a community of survivors: https://forum.otherlives.org

Our Social Media sites:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otherlivesorg/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/otherlivesorg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otherlivesorg/
Youtube: http://bit.ly/2BBGHEC

Joe's write-up about the motivation for the walk: https://medium.com/@otherlives/a-substitute-for-pi...

What is Other Lives?
Other Lives is a peer support network and advocacy organization for trauma survivors, their families, friends, and loved ones. Our mission is the creation of a trauma-informed world: a world in which survivors of all types can expend our energy and resources on living rather than having to spend it on simply surviving.

Other Lives is founded on the belief that individual healing is just one part of the challenge facing survivors today. We also need to change our laws and our culture. We are therefore committed to principles of intersectionality and social justice. We seek to model, in our own lives, the changes that we need. We seek to act differently: we seek to live more in alignment with our vision and our mission.

Ours is a community not just of radical intersectionality but also of radical vulnerability. You do not have to be radical yourself to participate with us, but we need you to know who we are. We need you to know that Other Lives is just another manifestation of the work we have been doing to heal ourselves and make change for others.

Other Lives is a place where it is safe for survivors to be heard.
What happened to you is real.
We believe you.
We are here and we are not going anywhere.

What are the current ongoing projects of Other Lives?
We have multiple projects in the works.

1) An online forum for peer support and education. The forum is primarily for trauma survivors to talk amongst ourselves, but there are sections that exist specifically for loved ones who want to know how to help. Just as our loved ones need us to survive, we also need you to understand what we are going through and get support for yourselves while you witness our struggle. The forum has been launched, and you can find it at forum.otherlives.org

2) A resource list for trauma survivors, vetted both by experts in the medical community and by actual trauma survivors.

A more ambitious goal is to create a mobile app that lists trauma programs, treatment centers, help lines, emergency shelters, and other advocacy orgs by location, insurance type, exclusion/inclusion criteria, and specialty. The issues that result from our injuries leave some of us struggling with employment, housing, and legal trouble. We want to create the list that many of us have needed in the past and that we still might need in the future. In this unprecedentedly connected world we live in, every single one of us should be able to go online and easily find the nearest source of help, along with practical how-to guides, written by other survivors, about the reality of navigating those bureaucracies when you are least capable of thinking clearly.

3) Continuing to develop the Other Lives website which contains, among everything else listed here, a blog with personal writing and a blog that publishes survivors' stories. Our writing can have great power as a tool for advocacy, community-building, and self-therapy.

Our Most Immediate Project: A Very, Very Long Walk

In order to more fully explore the differences between surviving and living, Other Lives is funding an experimental project in which our founder, Joseph King, is undertaking a marathon hike during which he will participate in our advocacy campaign from the paths that make up the Eastern Continental Trail.

Like many trauma survivors with Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), including others on our staff, Joe is too disabled to work a full-time conventional job, and the process of coming to terms with this is part of his personal impulse to begin this journey.

The Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) is a 5400 mile patchwork of seven or eight trails and road walks that begins in Key West, includes the entire Appalachian Trail in the middle and stretches from Key West to the northern tip of Belle Isle, Newfoundland, 2km from the only authenticated Norse Viking site in North America. Only a handful of people have ever thru-hiked the entire thing, and even some of them stopped in Quebec. A northbound thru-hike, meaning the trail is completed in a single year, requires leaving Key West in January and keeping a rigorous pace in order to finish before the weather shuts it down.

Joe will be meeting with interest groups - disability groups, veteran groups, accessibility groups, hiking groups - along the way. He will be inviting others to walk along with him, to literally mobilize our community.

There are many ways to support this project, including the Patreon tiers described here, but right now the most simple, direct, and immediately necessary is to sponsor a piece of gear. If you pay for it, you get to name it and Joe will refer to it by name in videos and audio he creates along the way! Other Lives’ only rule is that the name not be scatalogical or otherwise offensive. (Inside jokes are fine as long as they meet the above guidelines.) If you are interested, please Paypal the amount via the link above as “friends and family” along with a note stating what you would like to pay for, what you would like to name the item, and the name you would like to be credited under.

Gear list:  Joe's ECT 2018 Gear List

Paypal link:  Joe's PayPal

Joe’s personal perspective is available here: https://medium.com/@otherlives/a-substitute-for-p...

Why are we asking for help?
We need your help because maintaining the websites, launching these resources, and funding this experimental advocacy campaign, all represent significant expenses for an advocacy organization.

In the time the organization has existed, our small staff has worked entirely on a volunteer basis, and we have all taken personal expenses. Your money will initially fund our current projects and pay back the expenses we have already incurred. After this, it will go toward funding a small salary for each permanent member of our staff (see our website for who those members are), with any excess going back to the organization to fund further projects.

All of your money goes directly to supporting trauma survivors in our mission to create a trauma-informed world.

What's in it for you?
The free portion of our website, now and in the future, will contain the basics of our writings, our produced videos, podcasts, the community forum, and some other materials as we proceed.

For your monthly donations, you will gain access to our process. We invite you to be a part of this journey with us. Initially, this will primarily mean access to information about the pilgrimage and our other limited-time projects. As time goes on, we will add other projects to which you will get additional access. The current tiers reflect access to the pilgrimage, but further access to Other Lives projects will be similar if your support continues.

We look forward to walking with you.

Love and solidarity,
The staff at Other Lives

$175 of $2,500 per month
Our initial goal is to fund our current project, which is the Very, Very Long Walk (see Overview for more information). This project will help us and others define the difference between surviving and living, which is a question central to the understanding of our vision and mission.

Following this, our goal is to produce a small salary for (currently) three members of our permanent staff: our Creative Director, our Operations Director, and our Communications Manager. This will include reimbursement those three staff members for initial expenses paid.

Any excess from these goals will go toward financing new goals for the organization. Your money will always go directly to benefit work for trauma survivors.
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