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About Otter

My name is Otter, and I am a genderqueer poet and mess raised in West Philly. My work is honest, raw, and most often centers the inevitable emotion of growth. Here, I post poems and stories at least twice a month accompanied by personal histories of the pieces. I talk too much, but you'll be glad you pledged to listen.

I am a 2015 Brave New Voices World Champion and the 2016-17 Youth Poet Laureate of Philadelphia. I am also the founder and curator of the Voices of the East Coast Project (Penmanship Books, 2017) and the author of The Smoke Is Singing (2018). My work has been selected by publications such as Title Magazine and Michigan State University Press, and has appeared in multiple news outlets including,, Billypenn, Generocity, NewsWorks, and WURD Radio.

To collect any benefits offered in a tier that are "upon request", simply shoot me a message and I will work with you to give you the most excellent thing possible. If you made it this far, go ahead and invest in me a little. It's worth it. 
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