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My name is Spring. In June 2014, the New York Times published a study ranking all 3,135 counties in the United States from the hardest place to live to the easiest. I had just left a job teaching middle school in Halifax County, NC, which they ranked among the fifty hardest places to live, and was uncertain what I would do next. Originally, I am from Los Alamos County, NM, which was ranked as the easiest county in the entire country. The dichotomy between these two places, both of which I had once called home, fascinated me. More than anything, I wanted to understand the rest of the spectrum of what happens in between the hardest places to live and the easiest. I made it my goal to visit and photograph each of the 3,135 counties, working from the most difficult places to live towards the easiest. To date, I have visited the hundred hardest counties to live in. Each county offers new surprises-- new people and experiences, something different to see. I am constantly amazed by the stories I hear and the people I meet. The feeling of "home" runs so deeply, and carries so much weight. It is a universal feeling, and yet each place has it's own, personal identity. I love having the opportunity to discover what makes each community unique.

In December 2015, I left my job to work full time on Our Land, Your Land.  I travel for the project an average of 5,000 miles per month, spending about 15 nights on the road. Obviously, this level of travel is expensive-- the money my Patrons donate will go directly towards gas, lodging, and car maintenance on the road, which are by far my biggest expenses.   I will also use some of the money I gather on Patreon to produce prints of my photos.  My goal is to develop Our Land, Your Land into a series of books (or even better, a published column!) as I continue to visit my counties.
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Traveling for Our Land Your Land, I put A LOT of miles on my car.  Because of this, keeping my car healthy is of the utmost importance.  Fifty dollars a month would cover my monthly oil changes, and leave me with a little bit of extra money to put towards less frequent car maintenance needs.  Helping to finance car maintenance will help keep me on the road longer, and with less breaks in between. 
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