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This is our story of simple living, downsizing, tiny house living and going against the current.
We have met a lot of people who are tired of having too little time. Society almost dictates how we should do and what we need, and thats why I sound critical of the unwritten rules. Because the rules are unwritten we want to write our own.
On this blog it is very important to know that we respect everyones choice to do what they do. They will pay the price for it. And we will pay the price for our choices. This is simply a story of how we pay the price for our choices. We always thought that if we don’t go in our own direction, we would not choose actively. And then we would end up paying the price for the choices of someone else because we go with the current.
As a result we have lived in a tiny caravan with two children and we have lived in a much bigger garden house (30 m2/322 sq feet) with three children only because we want more time in our everyday life.
We are a family that wants to spend time together - it has become a “mantra” for us. We don’t work much or spend a lot of money. We come from Denmark but we live in Norway.
Mikael is a musician and holds a master’s degree in early music specialized in playing the lute. He works freelance as a lute player and organist.
Marie holds a BA in theology and youth ministry. And has been studying to become a teacher but she is currently on maternity leave indefinitely. She is now a homemaker taking care of our three children, Samson 4, Vesper 2 and Gloria 0.
This blog is our ongoing story about how we build our life and the challenges we meet when we try to go against the world - yes, very heroic… ;)
Everyone is busy. And that is THE problem if you want time. :) You have no one to look up to or to copy because no one we know seem to go in that direction.
We wanted to be idealistic when we were in our mid-twenties - and that is the time for that. But we also knew that we did not want to let go of our idealism. Isn’t that what idealistic people say? I know. “You’ll get older and wiser and see things from a different perspective. Suck it up and get yourselves two fulltime jobs and buy a house and stop whining!” No way! Where is the fulfilment and meaning in that?
To this day we still do not see it.

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