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is creating the largest celebration of space on Earth
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About World Space Week USA

We're in it together!
World Space Week USA was created in response to the United Nations call for an annual global event to celebrate space, every year Oct 4-10.

We are excited to be activating participants and space enthusiasts in a new way - providing for our future together. Since 2000, events and national organizing in the US has been made possible entirely by enthusiastic volunteers - an incredible feat - HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved!! Now, we need you to take the next step with us.
Keep reading to find out more...

It's time to evolve a full-fledged program:
We've reached the tipping point where it's time to evolve into a self-sustaining organization. For the past 18 years World Space Week USA has brought celebrations of outer space to thousands of people across the country. We have expanded horizons and encouraged imagination. This outreach is so worthwhile! Now, we have many participants but not the needed national infrastructure to support you all and new growth.
  • If every person who participates in World Space Week USA, hosting or attending, just gives $2/month, we will be set for the journey.
  • If every individual host gives $15/month and every organization host gives $50/month, we will have our rockets ready to launch.
This is where you come in.
We're asking for you to become a patron, at whatever level you can, in support of World Space Week USA. Together we can fly.

Annual production:
Oct 4-10, every year, across America thousands of participants (joining hundreds of thousands around the world) celebrate space with a huge range of events - stargazing parties, rocket launches, tours of space industry facilities, meetups with astronauts, space art shows, planetarium exhibits, hands-on education, space movie viewings, and so many more. Because of World Space Week USA, teachers have been inspired to lead space science units that wouldn't have happened otherwise, artists have produced pieces that would never have existed, museums have had new visitors and audiences, even a transatlantic cruise dedicated to space came to life.

Aspiring to continuity:
These events all happen simultaneously in order to grow awareness, excitement, and global connection about the next frontier - SPACE. By establishing state and regional coordination around the country we will be able to support more participation than ever. This step is a necessary organizational development that will help WSW USA continue producing World Space Week annually, and expand.

You can join as we grow World Space Week USA into the future. Our Board of Directors worldwide include Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Together we can make participatory space celebrations a reality - providing access to anyone in the country, and connecting space enthusiasts around the globe.

What about those sponsor logos?
Those sponsors cover the World Space Week Association, which provides global direction, connection to the UN and an annual theme. WSWA does not provide financial support or official structure to individual countries; it's up to us to make our own. We have been able to come so far with so little - funding coming from volunteers, no paid positions, minimal time. IMAGINE what we will be able to achieve with an ongoing supportive framework!! The time has come for our community to take on the exciting challenge required to expand WSW USA. Our next step is to establish regional and state coordinators for all states. Contributions to WSW USA are tax-deductible. Our fiscal sponsor is 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS).

Thank you to the moon and back again.
If you've come this far, thanks for your attention and interest!! We love all the kinds of engagement people provide - hosting events, volunteering your time, telling others about World Space Week, teaching children about space science - if any of these appeal to you as well, please get in touch. Becoming a patron is the newest branch in our family tree - it's very exciting to be growing - and of course we continue to welcome all types of participation!

0 of 50 patrons
When 50 (just need one from each state!) founding patrons join us, we will pick which state our HQ will be in! Let us know where YOU think we should go...
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