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About Lincoln Sayger

I tend to look for creative ways to share my perspectives, and I will be able to stretch those creative muscles more with backing from you.

"What is Patreon?"
Patreon is a crowdfunding system by which ordinary citizens can become patrons of the arts. Through it, you can subsidize art and artists that you enjoy or think important. My patrons are partners with me in the creation of new art.
"How can I become your patron?"
Enter your desired pledge in dollars and cents, and click the "Become a Patron" button to the right side of this page. Then, follow the instructions to complete the transaction. If you'd like to support me on a monthly basis rather than pledging per item, just limit your pledges to one time per month.
"When will I be charged?"
Generally within the first three days of the month after I post the articles for which you will be charged. Other questions about patronage are answered here.
"How much will I be charged?"
 You will be charged only what you pledge, only when I release an article or other work of art, and only up to what you've set as a monthly maximum.
Select a membership level
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Feed Level:
Access to the patron activity feed. Here, you will see things that aren't posted publicly, as well as early access to time-delayed content releases.
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Web Celeb Level:
Your name will be listed on my Web site as a patron (Optional: if you don't want your name listed, just let me know).
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Postman Level:
Getting mail is fun. I will mail you at least one item each month. It might be a paper copy of one of the articles I posted that month, or something I made, or something cool I found. (If you like, I will also list your name on my Web site as a patron).
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I'll release one of the completed short stories I wrote years ago.
(Once I reach this goal, Patreon support will cover my Internet connection.)
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