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Hi there and thanks for visiting our Patreon page.
We are happy to see you as a supporter of the idea and your visit here means a lot for us. Even if you're not going to become our patron, be sure that we value your support very much anyway.

We are a game developers, who was dreaming about making the games since we was young boys and girls.
We're passionate about the game development and we love what we do. Our hobbies and random tries with modding grown to the game development level and we're ready to rock!
We tired of boring game concepts and games, which does look too similar to each other and which comes at the market so often. Games, which has no soul at the background, has no spirit. Cheaply developed or games, which will always be in the alpha early-access state. Games, which has no mechanics, but has graphics. Or opposite. Or none of that. Enough. We are here to change this trend and we are here to create a Game.
Our team is very small and we're working hard to create the dream game at the top quality with the interesting ideas in the pocket.

Overcharged is a RC racing game
You'll become a driver of an remotely controlled cars with a power of improvised weapons like rockets, shock beam or bowling ball, where you need to drive as fast as you can and make everything possible to not let others be faster than you.
Also as core idea of the project we put the original Acclaim's Re-Volt game, and being fans of the original game we want to give it a new breath with the power of the Unreal Engine 4.
We've started development of the project in december 2016 and we want to make playable public demo before we will move forward.
There is already created solid game mechanics, including AI behaviour, weapons and pick-ups system, handling for the cars, main menu and tons of other things, so it's not something in our minds already, it's working concept which quickly growing into the game.

The funding main goal
The funding main goal is support of the development, create solid income for us to make the development more stable and often. Additionally it will allow us to improve quality of the assets, bring new team members, bring patrons behind the curtains of the development, and help us to bring our dreams become reality.
We're the same as you, we want to put heart, soul and spirit in this project at the main place, not just commerce and marketing as it usually happens to the games. We want to create the Game, not a Product. Game, which will bring you back oftenly and when each time will be enjoyable.

Thanks again.
Overcharged team.

Useful links:
Discord server
IndieDB page
Reddit page
VK.com page (RU)

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