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About OverDrive Online

Here at OverDrive, we like to look at and give honest opinions on cars, many of which are available outside of the UK, making this relevant to many people around the world.  We also look at other things car related and show cars from older classics to modern vehicles and will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly things about car ownership.

With your help and guidance, after all you have opinions and ideas and we would love other people to get involved, we can raise the quality and widen the scope of OverDrive.  Already we are adding material to the standalone reviews and uploading things that would not fit within our normal format and this can continue and expand with help.

Anything you are able to help us with, we are grateful for and thank you all now for looking in on us and taking the time to check us out.
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With $500 per month, we will start working on bigger projects, such as challenges and long term road tests, as these cost a lot to arrange and piece together.  We will also be able to start hiring private land for more adventurous reviews.
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