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is creating high altitude weather balloons for space & scienceΒ education.
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About OLHZN Space Balloons πŸŽˆπŸš€

I love space & science!Β  In 2016 I began building our own autonomous flight systems to control and safely recover our weather balloon flights to the edge of space. Along the way, I've learned how powerful DIY projects are for educating yourself in a fun way.Β  I've also learned how exciting and stressful it can be to rely on critical fully autonomous systems to ensure our weather balloons are safe.Β  This directly relates to how rockets are launched which further solidified my love for space!

I want to help spread the love and make space & DIY science projects within reach for you! Through video tutorials and online content, I hope to peak your curiosity and inspire you to do something awesome, because we all can!Β  I hope you'll join me and support me on this journey!


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