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I'm DJ and I want to thank you on checking out this patreon page and thank you for reading, before you go any further; it's best that you check out the website below before you hear what I have to say:

Okay, done? Good. If you want to learn more and want to contribute, read on. 
OverpoweredAF is my blog site where I focus on gaming reviews, news, discussions, opinions and more on Triple A and Indie games. This site is probably the one I'm most proud of as it has grown since I started it in 2015. I started the site in 2015 under the name Galaxy as a place of refuge after IGN ignored their blogger community and refused to acknowledge their own community and since then, Galaxy has gone under a name revision to OverpoweredAF to make the objective more clear as Galaxy didn't come across as a site about videogames.

My main objective with OverpoweredAF is to avoid what the bigdotcoms do all the time and is a very specific attempt to avoid the model set by the mainstream media. You will find no ads, no clickbait, no political jabs or political content ( I keep everything apolitical as possible unless a certain game deals with politics.) , no fake outrage; OverpoweredAF is just an honest, genuine site that deals with Triple A and Indie videogames. Everything you'll see is written by someone who has extensive knowledge, well-informed, experienced and understanding of not only gaming history but of the gaming industry as well and always tries to keep themselves well-informed and well-prepared.
If you want to contribute and give some funds, I'll lay out what the funds will be used for. Additonal funding means I can take the blog into something that I've wanted to do for a while: Expand the blog into a web-magazine or something similar to the big dotcoms. It also means that I can do much more like go to gaming events around the nation like PAX East and PAX West to bring more coverage to you.

If this is an idea that you want to get behind, I welcome your support. This means that I can shape the website in any way I want, shape the content I provide to you, and bring more gaming related articles directly to you. 

If you don't want to support me in this endeavor, then that's okay too, I'll be as grateful to see you read, like, and comment. In return, I'll continue to provide the most informative gaming related news, opinions, discussions, and more directly to you.

 if you're reading this as a potential Patron, I sincerely thank you for your time even for considering to support me in this great endeavor and I hope you come and join me on this wild ride. 


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