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By supporting, you will be automatically shot out at the end of every video (that is not a role play) and your name will be featured in the description for all of time! (Just provide what name you would like to be featured. Obviously nothing offensive!)
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- You will get everything from above! ^^
- Placed on my friends lists on games like Roblox and systems like PS4!
- You can help out the role plays by creating ideas and suggesting what should happen!




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It is hard to continue to make videos twice every day while doing another job and being a full time college student. That's why I have this: to help me on my journey to becoming that full time YouTuber. Each penny raised will go towards me finding a place for myself (because I still live with my parents) and helping with the necessary needs to live away from home. By doing this and not living at home anymore, I'll be able to record the videos you want (Dragon Block C, Fairy Tail, and other role plays) without much delay!
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Every penny earned from here will be saved to go towards my future plans of living away from home!
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